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Kindergarten Science

Page history last edited by Laura Jacoby 12 years, 8 months ago

March 2009  

K-1 were snow detectives.  We set out in the freshly fallen snow with our magnifying glasses and students examined and described snowflakes.  We then headed into the woods and searched out animal tracks.  A pile of feathers and some blood led to an interesting exercise in inference! 







02/09/2009 K-2 

 This week students in K-2 have been exploring magnetism. Students receive a box of items and predict which items they think will be magnetic.  They then test their predictions and record their results.  A discussion of why some things are magnetic and others are not leads to a conclusion that some metal things are magnetic. 





1/21/2009 K-1  Students in K-1 have been learning about healthy eating and making proper choices about the foods they eat.  They are learning that "eating a rainbow" of fruits and vegetables each day we can keep our bodies healthy and working properly.




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