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Ms Silverman archive 2012

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These are the topics that we have looked at this year in Ms. Silverman's class:


Our Human Body


This page will have ongoing references for our study of some of the systems of the human body and ultimately cells.


Organ systems:

This is the video we watched in class.  It is from the National Geographic and is an overview of some of the systems of the human body.



  • Organs Game - try this out and see how well you do placing the organs we learned about in class. You will have to rotate them to get them in the proper direction before you can place them.

See if you can correctly place the following:  The heart, stomach, liver, small intestine, large intestine, kidneys, lungs.  Try any of the other organs and see how you do!

Skeleton - we did not do anything with the skeleton, but here is a game to play.  Read the instructions and try to put Mr. Bones back together.


Digestive System:


This is the kooky video that we watched in class.  You drag a food over to the mouth and watch how it travels down the digestive tract.  See what gets broken down and absorbed by the body at each step. How your body digests different foods


 More digestion - here are some further links to videos, interactive games, self-quizzes etc. about digestion


Blood and the Bloodmobile:

Today we looked at the make-up of the blood and talked about some of the functions or jobs of the blood in our body. 

All of this is summed up in a great song by "They Might Be Giants" called The Bloodmobile.  Watch it again and see

if you remember all of the functions it mentions.  Some of these we will return to in more detail as we continue learning

about the systems that make up our bodies.

Cartoon video about the blood and how the heart works.


The Immune System - this is the interactive immune system lesson that we looked at in class.


Here's another interactive about the immune system.  You can try playing the game or going through the interactive book.


Older pages:


Mummification - this is one of the topics examined in our winter/spring unit


Simple Machinesthese are some of the topics we examined in our winter unit.



Sustainability - these are some of the topics we examined in our fall unit.





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