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2nd States of Matter

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States of Matter:


Try this fun activity where you put different materials into a freezer or into and oven and observe what happens. 

  • Decide what state the material is before you "turn on" the oven or freezer and make a prediction/hypothesis as to what you think will happen to the state of the material when you put it into the freezer or oven!
  • Look carefully at the cup of juice and at the water in the ice tray when you put them in the freezer.  What changes do you notice?  You might notice that they took up a bit more space when they were solid.  Could you think of an investigation you might set up to explore if water really does take up more space when it is solid than when it is liquid?


If you have permission from your parents to watch videos on YouTube here are some fun videos.  Remember you don't need to know what

every single word is just follow the visuals and think about what the particles are doing.


The one below is by a group called "They Might Be Giants".                                This video also talks about the states of matter and how the 

It is about the states of matter.                                                                           particles behave.



This is a really fun video of school kids pretending to be particles in

different states of matter.  Check it out. 

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