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2nd archive

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Water Cycle interactive      Resources and animations about the water cycle              



***A moving "Flubber" glacier  - this is a really cool movie showing how a glacier flows downhill, carries things along with it, and follows the contours (shape) of the surrounding land. 

An actual ice glacier would have a much greater affect by erosion


Plate Tectonics/Continental Drift


States of Matter

Second Grade Science


Welcome to the second grade science page.  On this page you will find links to topics that you are studying in class.  Sometimes there will be videos for you to watch

with your parent's permission.  Sometimes there will be activities or games for you to try.  If you find something really great that you would like to share on this page, let

me know and I will add it!


Chemical and Physical Changes

Chemical and Physical Changes:


Here are some fun activities involving physical and chemical changes:

Changing states game #1

Changing states game #2

Change it! - drag different materials into the freezer and oven and see what happens

Game to try reversible and irreversible reactions

Properties of Materials

Help Steve survive in the arctic by making water from ice




States of Matter - solid, liquid and gas




Plate Tectonics





I took the video below on March 10, 2011 during a heavy rainstorm at Park.  It is shot from the bridge that crosses the Moore's Branch stream near the Kindergarten building.  It shows how quickly the water moves and how much can be flowing by.  Some classes are learning about erosion by water and here is an example in our own "backyard".          more photos from the day 








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