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Digestive System:


This is the kooky video that we watched in class.  You drag a food over to the mouth and watch how it travels down the digestive tract.  See what gets broken down and absorbed by the body at each step. How your body digests different foods


*****If you were not in class when we watched the video above, this one will be easier to start with.

Another video about the digestive system http://kidshealth.org/kid/htbw/_bfs_DSmoviesource.html


More reading about the digestive system (if interested).


What does each part do?  - move your mouse over each part of the system to see what it is called and what it does.



Pathway of digestion quiz    try out this self-test and see how you do with remembering the steps of digestion.

Another digestion game

kids digestion search

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