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HW archive 4H

Page history last edited by Laura Jacoby 7 years, 8 months ago

Week of Jan. 7th - Happy New Year and welcome back to school. This week you have a reading assignment. Please read the articles "We say that an apple falls down to Earth. Why doesn't the Earth fall up to the Apple?" and Why does a rolling ball stop rolling? Please answer the questions that go with each reading a give the Challenge question a try!


Week of November 5th - Read the explanation beside Chain Reaction (below) and then complete the activity.


Chain Reaction!  read the first few slides to make sure you are clear on the terms.  Then chose one of the food chains (northern food chain or forest food chain) and see how you do.  Drag the living things to where you think they belong and then test your food chain.  IGNORE the bottom where is says you have 0 correct items; it's not correct.

Try the question where it asks you to remove on animal and observe the effect on the food chain.  Why do you think the game is called Chain Reaction?



Week of October 29th (due to the hurricane this never happened!!):

1.  First read this introductory page.  Make sure you are clear on the differences between:

  • a producer, a consumer and a decomposer

  • an herbivore, an omnivore and a carnivore



2.  Complete the food chain diagram for the four biomes.  Remember the arrow shows the direction that the energy flows so the end of the arrow would be at the sun and the pointy end of the arrow would point to the plant.


Week of October 8th (for our next class Oct. 16th)   Go to the Ecological Footprint calculator that we used in class and try the more detailed questions on the bottom half (we did the top half in class). 

  • You will probably need an adult to help you with some of the questions about energy use at home.

  • Is this footprint pretty similar to the one you got in class?



After you have done your own footprint in the USA you can try another country and see what type of footprint you would have there.


Week of October 1st - complete the Ecological Footprint Data Collection sheet with an adult at home


Week of Sept. 17th

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