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2H water archive

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     Water is a unique material; the only material on Earth that occurs naturally in all three states of matter; solid, liquid, and gas. Next to the air we breathe, water is probably the most important thing in our lives.  In second grade will learn these interesting things and more as we investigate water in our first Science unit of the year.   In the classroom setting and in the science room we will focus our observation skills on water, investigate the properties of water, describe how water reacts to heating and cooling,  explore the Water Cycle, and begin to appreciate this amazing material and how important it is to our lives.  We’re looking forward to weeks of exciting investigations into the world of water!



WETLANDS movie - this is the movie about wetlands that we watched in class

Glaciers - some of the videos and images you might have seen in class are on this page.

The Stream and erosion walk  -  this has photos and a video of the Moore's Branch during a rainstorm

The Weight of Water - students predict whether ice weighs the same as liquid water.

How Quickly does it evaporate? - after discussion of variables and "fair tests" we set up an experiment to see if the shape and opening of a container affect the rate of evaporation.

Investigation:  Making an ice-cube melt (students design their own experiment)

States of Water Exploration


Explorations and Games get an adult to help you figure out the games and then explore!

Evaporation game - change the weather  or the temperature or the size of the container (remember we called these variables) and observe  which side of the balance evaporates fastest!  This is like the experiment that we have set up in the classroom. 

Exploring Variables - Blasto the Human Cannonball.  Change the variables and see if you can get Blasto to hit the target.

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