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Ms Harbold

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Class Resources:


Digestion activity


Force and Motion




Food Chains and Food Webs




Energy Project Resources


Biomimicry (Nature Inspired Design or Biomimetics)


Calculate your ecological footprint  -  parents see the note in the October class notes section


Ecological Footprint data collection worksheet:

There are two versions of this paper:

WIKI page version - the page may not look identical to the paper from class

Word document - click on the link to the word document, then click on the download button at the top left of the page.



Joni Mitchell singing Big Yellow taxi, lyrics to song



Many commercials were made at the time to try to raise public awareness about the environment.  One of the most famous was called "the Crying Indian".

Companies started to realize that people had questions about how they were treating the environment and so they started to make commercials like this one.

Woodsy Owl tried getting message across to kids with ads like these two:  Woodsy #1Woodsy talking about water pollution


Clean Air Act

Clean Water Act


The Lorax 

-ology song from Sid the Science Kid - I know he's for younger kids but the song is catchy!




































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