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food chains 2013

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Food Chains and Food Webs:

We are going to learn a little about food chains and food webs.


1.  Play the following games as a review of last week's work:  


You should play until you get them all correct. 



Once you have read and understood step # 2 try the food chain game below (don't skip ahead to the game!!)

2.  Food chain game - remember that all food chains must begin with a producer who captures the energy from the sun.  The producer is then eaten by a consumer, who may be eaten by another consumer........  At some point, to make a full circle a decomposer needs to return the nutrients to the producer.


In class today we saw how many food chains in an ecosystem form a food web.

3.  Food Web Game - When you have finished all of the above try this game below that explores a food web in the ocean.  You should click on an organism, read the clue and then decide what level of the web it belongs to.  Then click and drag it to the spot.  All of the circles will not be filled when the game is done.



Extra:  Chain Reaction!  read the first few slides to make sure you are clear on the terms.  Then chose one of the food chains (northern food chain or forest food chain) and see how you do.  Drag the living things to where you think they belong and then test your food chain.  IGNORE the bottom where is says you have 0 correct items; it's not correct.

Try the question where it asks you to remove on animal and observe the effect on the food chain.  Why do you think the game is called Chain Reaction?

Here's another food chain site



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