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4B Archive 2013

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Fourth Grade Sustainability Study:


Food chains and Food Webs - this is the page that has the activities from class

Chain Reaction!  read the first few slides to make sure you are clear on the terms.  Then chose one of the food chains (northern food chain or forest food chain) and see how you do.  Drag the living things to where you think they belong and then test your food chain.  IGNORE the bottom where is says you have 0 correct items; it's not correct.

Try the question where it asks you to remove on animal and observe the effect on the food chain.  Why do you think the game is called Chain Reaction?



Form, Function and Biomimicry

Check out THIS MONTH's Scholastic Science Magazine  make sure to scroll through a couple of pages of the article!!





Down the Drain Project: 

If you misplace your data collection sheet here is a copy




Ecological Footprint:


The Lorax:                                             


We started our study of sustainability and ecology with reading The Lorax and thinking about the organisms that live in the Lorax's environment, their needs and how they are all interconnected in their environment.

If you are interested in learning about some real life examples of endangered forests and species on our planet check out the following link:

The Lorax Project  the info. and friends sections have some interesting information

What can you do?  Check out the link of the same name on the The Lorax Project page.  How many things are you doing already?



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