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The Lorax:


We start our study of sustainability with reading The Lorax and thinking about the organisms that live in the Lorax's environment; their needs and how they are all interconnected in their environment.



The Lorax is a fictional story, but there are many real-life examples of the same sort of thing happening to forests and animals and plants. 



Article about the Cuyahoga River on fire.


Many commercials were made at the time to try to raise public awareness about the environment.  One of the most famous was called "the Crying Indian".

Companies started to realize that people had questions about how they were treating the environment and so they started to make commercials like this one.

Woodsy Owl tried getting message across to kids with ads like these two:  Woodsy #1Woodsy talking about water pollution



To  do for homework:


  • Go to Lorax Project  Click on the Forest picture on the left and read about one of the World’s forests. How is it similar to  what we read about in The Lorax?
  • Check out the “What you can do” How many things are you doing already?
  • the info. and friends sections have some interesting information 


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